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Advantages of Buying

For most of us, owning a home is the fulfillment of the “American Dream”. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life and one that requires assessment of needs versus cost. Mike Wise is very knowledgeable about the home buying process and assessing homeowners needs to find the perfect home. Reasons to buy a home include:

  • You can build equity that can be borrowed against in the event you need to pull money out of your home in the future
  • Mortgage interest tax deductions are possible
  • Since it is now truly “your space”, you can do whatever you want to the space and make it your own without worrying about being in breach of a lease agreement
  • You can renovate the home to your personal specifications at your own pace and implement your own ideas into the design
  • Pride of ownership and a sense of accomplishing the American Dream
  • Paying your mortgage on time can improve your credit history/score
  • You can have a fixed payment for the next 30+ years
  • After the mortgage is paid off, you have the ability to refinance your home and add a new mortgage or enjoy the benefits of living mortgage free

Don’t delay, call Mike Wise today. I can help you find the home of your dreams!


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